Unbelief in an angry god

Religion; mainly Abrahamic religion (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) has created a dissatisfied and angry god to manipulate people into obedience – do good or be punished. Not only is this bullshit but it is psychological abuse. Sin-consciousness is false consciousness. It is a world of illusion separated far from truth. God is neither angry or dissatisfied, that is just religions own hellish image projected because of its own blindness and hatred.


16 thoughts on “Unbelief in an angry god”

      1. Normally when a person is bad and does lots of bad things he cannot have a good relationship with God.God is always standing open and stretching out His hand to have a good relationship with man. It is true He sees all good and bad and is willing to overlook all to find the good heart in each person. But for sure in case man insist in continuing bad without remorse God shall not be willing to accept that person in His Kingdom. Many warnings god gave of His Will and how He will react to whom.

      2. I believe God accepted all of humanity into his Kingdom before time began. In the beginning WE were there together. Christ revealed this Union and oneness by his incarnation, death, and resurrection. If any ‘goodness’ on our part could buy us into the kingdom than Christ died in vain

      1. Yes and also because some did want to put it in their church perspective to frighten the people so that they could charge them to buy of liberation of torture in purgatory or in hell.

        The fires which had to be kept burning where the fires outside the cities. People who died had to be buried or put into the fire as soon as possible so that diseases could not be spread. Sheol is the sepulchre or the grave, and at that time death people where preferred to be burned. (Cremation did not exist yet, so burning was the safest way to get rid of the bodies and in certain countries and religions is still being done.) Richer and higher placed persons where balsemed and put in caves or proper graves. the word used for those graves is also sheol or hell and as such Jesus Christ is said also to have been for three days in hell.

  1. You wrote ” If any ‘goodness’ on our part could buy us into the kingdom than Christ died in vain ”
    We can not buy ourselves in to the Kingdom. God cannot be bribed.
    It is by God accepting the ransom offer of His son that we have received grace to be whitewashed of our sins. But it is not because Jesus died for our sins we can do whatever we want. Jesus gave enough illustrations how people can loose the entrance to the Kingdom of God. we should be well aware that Faith without works is dead (James 2:26)

    1. If we can loose entrance then we can also gain entrance. Its a two-sided coin. Which I believe is false. From a biblical perspective, I have been persuaded that it is not about our efforts in any sense, it is all about The Christ who shattered sin itself on the tree and liberated the whole human race. While we were dead Christ died for us and made us alive. No effort of our own, no faith of our own, no alter call, no nothing. Humanity is liberated even if their eyes haven’t seen it yet. God condemns no man.

      1. So you think everybody can fornicate, murderer and steal and shall be entering the Kingdom of God. You also believe all those reborn people, the ones who are baptised shall enter the Kingdom of God (where?)? You think they are all saved so all those priest giving sermons about damnation are fooling their flock.All the churches fellowship people are playing for God and judging people, though Jesus has to be the judge, and as such placing them higher than Jesus, because Jesus saved them and allowed all to enter the kingdom and to be part of his Bod, the Church?

      2. Isn’t it scandalously good news? Jesus the judge is in the business of setting all the captives free. His whole thing is non-judgement and non-condemnation and salvation for the masses. Many (most) priests have been fooling their flocks for ages…the church which was supposed to be the light to the world has instead brought the world blindness and the world, thankfully, sees right through it.

      3. You should check out more of my writings. I really try to hit the nail on the head of religion as dead on as I can:) I think you could benefit greatly from them. Blissings

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